Boat Rentals (for Guests ONLY!)

All rates are in Canadian Dollars. Due to their variable nature Fuel and taxes are extra on all rentals.
Due to their variable nature Fuel and taxes are extra on all rentals
8 TO 10 HP MOTOR (5 adults)
$60.00 $80.00 95.00 $398.00

Your cottage comes with one canoe. Extra canoes if available. We cannot guarantee availability.





KAYAKS $20.00 $28.00 $38.00 $125.00
STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS $20.00 $28.00 $38.00 $125.00
MINI-KAYAKS (KIDS ONLY) $17.00 $24.00 $38.00 $100.00
PENGUIN KAYAKS FOR KIDS $16.00 $23.00 $33.00 $98.00
*need advance notice
$33.00 $53.00 SEE US FOR LONGER

SAILBOAT *needs advance notice

PADDLE BOAT IS FREE TO REGISTERED GUESTS. Please use it from the area at the main dock where it is parked. Keep it in the small bay, 2 people maximum and return it to it's parking spot as soon as you are done with it. Remember it is to be shared, so do not take if for excessively long periods. Lifejackets are necessary when out in this boat.

SKI TOWING/LESSONS AND TUBING. Hourly rate of 75.00 includes boat, operator, and equipment.

For lessons a second person is usually necessary and the rate goes to 85.00 When several groups ski at the same time this works out to about $8.00 or $10.00/ride for a normal two mile ride. If multiple attemtps to get up are necessary we charge and equivalent rate based on the time you use.

TAXES are extra in all cases and are added as applicable. (13% HST)

FUEL is extra on all rentals except for our skiing rates. On most rentals the fuel is provided full, and topped up at the end of the rental. The amount used is charged to your bill at the end of the day of your rental. Our fuel prices are determined, like those of a fine wine, at the time of purchase. We have Petro-Canada unleaded regular fuel only.

LIFE JACKETS are supplied or available for all rentals to the capacity of the boat. LIFE JACKETS ARE SAFETY EQUIPMENT AND SHOULD BE TREATED WITH CARE. THEY ARE NOT SWIM TOYS.

Jackets should be kept clean and dry. If you need extra jackets for your own boat they are 3.00 per day. We attempt to have a good selection of sizes, but if you have very small children or other special needs you should be aware that we may not have what you need. We must charge for damaged or lost lifejackets.


Half Day: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Day: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

24 Hour Day: Starts and ends at 9:00 AM, Noon or 6:00 PM

This lets you fish late or early. By prior arrangement other times are possible.

NIGHT: For insurance reasons, no watercraft are to be used between half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise. No exceptions.

RESPONSIBLITY for the safe operation, care and return of all equipment rented is that of the person whose name is on the rental form. In some cases, for small and simple rentals no form may have been used and in these situations the responsibility shall be that of the registered cottage renter. Regardless of paper work it is the person actually operating the boat, or their legal guardian who is responsible to ensure that they know how to operate the boat safely and within their personal limitations. We have government paper work that will allow you to operate a boat without a boat operator card temporarily but we recommend that you obtain a proper card if you plan to operate boats in the future. If you need instruction or are unclear about anything please ask us before you try to operate the boat.

ALCOHOL is, for what should be obvious reasons, not permitted in, on or around any of our boats by any person (not just the operator) at any time. Law officers treat boats as they would your car.

DOCKAGE fees for your own boat are 6.00 per day up to 16 feet. (Larger boats may vary from this) We try to place your boat as close to your cottage as possible, but at peak times this may not always be possible.

LAUNCHING can be done off our sand beach by prior arrangement. Please ask us first and we can find you a place to park your trailer for free. If you have a big boat, or one that needs a deep water launch ramp we recommend the ramp at Haystack Bay Marina, approximately 1.5 km down Port Cunnington Road.


This data is repeated in more detail in your cottage. Briefly, your cottage comes with a canoe, two paddles and two adult lifejackets. These all have your cottage name on them. Your canoe will be locked to one of the racks, usually closest to your cottage. Your key will open the lock on your canoe and you are in business. When you leave, the canoe should be locked back on the rack, and the paddles and lifejackets put back where they were at your cottage. We check all this as part of the changeover process, but you should check things over when you arrive, before you start to use the canoe. If anything is amiss you should tell us then because if things are not right when you leave you will be charged for damage or missing items.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE We realize that things can break and wear out in normal use. If something like this happens during the course of your stay, be it boat or otherwise, please tell us as soon as possible as we can only fix things we know about. We want everything to work well for all our guests and your cooperation makes this happen best. Please Note that accidental damage such as, but not limited to, running into submerged items, wrapping fishing line and rope into propellers, or damage from beaching on rocks is not considered "normal" use and the renter shall be responsible for the full costs of any repairs necessitated by such damage. Similarly lost equipment is the renter's responsibility.

It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that every person in a boat has a lifejacket of the right size with them and that there is a safety pack attached to the boat. A sealed sinlge seat kayak requires only a whistle and a life jacket, the rest of the safety pack is not necessary. You should always wear the lifejacket.